The best of both worlds. This was the idea when Cocomama was founded by two young twenty-something girls (not any longer by the way – they just turned 29, AGAIN).

After travelling from one luxury hotel to another – when they were touring with international bands, they missed the atmosphere and coziness they were used to when travelling to hostels for pleasure. They didn't want to choose & decided to combine the best of both. They founded Cocomama – the bridge between a hostel and hotel.



MAMA was going to introduce Anika Jacobs (our owner and a pretty cool chick if you ask us); but she agreed with JOOP that he would get some extra spotlight-attention (the kind he likes), so she decided to give up this webspace for our beloved and most photographed resident of us all: JOOP.

(For those who are interested in getting to know Anika, visit the Ecomama about page – our green & conscious MAMA-property in Amsterdam.)

But now, back to JOOP – our most photogenic and hairy resident (well, at least, one may hope so).



He asked us to share the following, so you guys can come prepared. What can we say, cat-ego? 
So here we go, JOOP's favorites:

- In winter, his beanbag is where you can find him. When the sun is out, try the wooden garden table. Healthy Vitamin-D levels are important for cats too, according to Joop.
- He loves to surprise the human kind by placing his hairy self sprawled out on the floor. Don't tell us we didn't warn you.
- He thinks milky cereal bowls and yoghurt are the S.H.*.T.
- Ignoring you doesn't mean he doesn't like to be cuddled. Joop says: "Ground rule number 1, I am ALWAYS up for some good old cuddle time, but I like to play hard-to-get". Yes ladies, it's apparently also something ALL men do – human or cat.
- He loves dressing-up for Christmas, although he grew out of his Santa collar since 2015. He's waiting for Weight Watchers to start cat-meet-ups. Until then, NO diet. The cat has spoken.
- His favorite day of the year is King's Day – he likes to think that everybody's wearing orange to celebrate his birthday. We've tried.