The best local stuff to do according to Moo – born and bred in the heart of the city & part of the Mama-crew since we've opened our doors. He made a few custom itineraries, all curated by himself. Exclusive for Mama guests – he's quite particular with whom he shares his city with. Check them out. Shitloads of fun guaranteed.


Born & bred in Amsterdam. 
Loves the diversity of the city.
Made his own bike - which got stolen twice but stole it right back (don't ask, we were looking as stunned as you do right now).
He's not planning on living anywhere else. Ever.


Designed and organized strictly for Mama tribers (yes, that's both Cocomama and Ecomama residents). 

We're talking private tours and activities 6 nights a week. Think typical and local spots. If you think you've seen Amsterdam, think again. These tours are for those who're looking to adventure like a true Amsterdammer does.



When? Every Monday and Thursday

What? Basically, we hit Amsterdams finest locals bars.

Starting in Amsterdams first Hip Hop cafe ‘De Duivel’, which means The Devil. Old school and credible Hip Hop is what you can expect. A great warm up for the rest of the evening & a good spot to get to know each other. Next up is Snappers. Located in the famous Reguliersdwarsstraat (often referred to as the ‘open minded’ street of Amsterdam) and known for their extensive selection of spirits. Last up is a visit to the best local ally. After a short snack break (eating is NOT cheating) at Cannibale Royale, we'll visit the Bloemenbar or Disco Dolly. Mingle with locals and dance the night away...




What? History, culture, drugs and prostitution from the 1300’s up till now in just 2hrs

It can't get any more local than this. Along with great stories (including personal experiences, those of friends and peeps that work in the Red Light), Moo is taking you to some of his secret places. Get inside stories, a small surprise halfway the tour and create some memories that will last a lifetime for yourself. Free group therapy included & a whole lot of fun guaranteed.




What? Sex Show at Casa Rosso

The famous theatre with the pink elephant on its facade can’t be missed during your stay in Amsterdam. Think comfortable seats, drinks and a wide variety of entertainment. 9 shows to be precisely. When you think you have seen it all, another erotic trick might make it up on stage. It’s unique and we guarantee you will be talking about this for years. Yeah, let me say we still remember our first show like it was last week. We would say yesterday, was it not for those G&T's.



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