Planning & research, not the strongest suit for many of us. Luckily for you, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and know the ins and outs of the city. There're experienced local backpackers and are happy to share their tips and tricks to help you on your way. 

If you just want to take it easy and hang-out with us (hey, we totally get it, we would do the same), we have our private cinema and a packed social calendar. We'll make sure by the time you leave, you've discovered the city like one of us.



Cooking? WHAAAAT? Yes dears, we have an open-kitchen (fully equipped and all). Perfect for those sunny-side-ups and casual-style dinners (or that very much needed coffee in the morning). For those whose kitchen-skills don't go further than popping that pizza in the oven – no worries, we don't judge. And when home-sickness starts to kick-in (or you're just looking for a cheap dinner), MAMA hits the stove a couple of nights a week & prepares a super D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. dinner for all of us. 

Grocery-stores and the famous Albert Cuyp market are just around the corner, so whatever happens, you'll be totally fine.




Yes indeed. You've read that well. We have a garden. Right in the middle of the city. And the best part: it's yours too while at MAMA.

Our living room is super cozy and the place where many of us hang, night or day. Put your feet up (we always speak with two words – MAMA taught us good manners, but feet on the coffee table are totally OK), hang upside down or cuddle with Joop – our most famous resident (hence, his dedicated bio on our about page. Including headshot and all). He was very picky about the picture we chose, but he grew quite fond of it by now. Click here to meet JOOP.